сряда, 30 ноември 2016 г.

Introduction: My hair and I

I've loved long hair all my life and thought it's high time I created a blog dedicated to my love for long hair. I've been a member of The Long Hair Community for almost 3 years now, which has helped me improve my hair a lot over the years. I intend to share here my hair progress, hair updos, different hairstyles and hairtoys, things about hair care and of course just hair thoughts.  :)
Now about my hair in particular
Type: 2c (which means very wavy, although since it's longer it's not as wavy as it used to be)
Thickness:ii (average, means that my ponytail circumference is 9 cm)
Thickness of individual strands: M (medium)
Length: a little past Classic length (about Upper-thigh length)
Goal: In length, my goal is to reach Mid-Thigh length, but I've been also considering Knee length as an option if my hair will allow it.
Hemline: U-hemline
I'll make another post about my hair journey till now later.